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Big and Tall Jeans

Big and Tall Jeans: The story behind how we became the go to brand for high quality big men's denim 

If you’re a tall man, or wear size 40 jeans or above, we are sure you have experienced difficulty finding designer and true premium quality jeans for big and tall. Google high quality big and tall jeans and you will find search results and product ads that range from really cheap jeans to mass market branded denim, which most denim enthusiast would not perceive as high quality. One can imagine this is not what comes to mind for most big guys seeking high quality denim. Search again and leave out the words big and tall and the results become more in-line with choices some would expect to see under high quality jeans.

In the Spring of 2014, we began offering Custom-Made-To-Order jean sizes by allowing orders to be placed in any waist size or length before we cut production. Before we knew it, the request for sizes got larger, longer and shorter. Sizes were all over the place. Dealing with so many sizes, while producing small volumes became expensive, time consuming and upsetting to our manufacturing vendors.

By the second production, we found we had a solid demand. We were producing jean sizes up to 48. Big men called and wrote emails thanking us for giving them a choice. We later decided to streamline the offerings and invest in growing our Big and Tall collection.

Realizing how big guys loved what we were doing, we decided to contact all the major Big and Tall chain stores to offer them the Williamsburg jeans collection. Unable to talk to buyers, we left them voicemails requesting to offer high quality, made in USA jeans for big and tall men in beautiful vintages washes, selvedge and raw denim, but no one returned our calls.

Finally, we were able to get a buyer on the phone and they told us, “Our customers don’t buy raw denim and aren’t interested in better quality jeans.” We offered to ship him samples so that he could review our product but he said, “don’t bother.” We asked if he could take a look at our website to see our products. He said, “I won’t look, I don’t have the time.”

That conversation ended up being great for our business. I understood these guys either didn’t get it, or didn’t want it and I never called on another big and tall retailer again.

We are proud to offer high quality, modern fit, American made jeans for Big and Tall men, produced in premium American and Japanese denim. If you live in or plan to visit New York City, we hope you will find time to visit our Williamsburg, Brooklyn retail store at 181 Havemeyer Street.

Customize Inseam Length

We also offer HEMMING ALTERATION to customize your inseam length for those who need jeans shorter then our standard 34" measurement.

Big and Tall Jeans measurements charts

Need more information about how our jeans measure-up. Check out our Big Men's Jeans Fit Guide for waist sizes 40 to 50. Or, select your waist size below to review our measurement charts.


big & tall jeans for big men size 40 big & tall denim for tall men long 38 inseam jeans

BIG MENS JEANS collection feature the following denim sizes:

  • Jeans Size 40x34 (38 inseams found in the Tall section)
  • Jeans Size 42x34 (38 inseams found in the Tall section)
  • Jeans Size 44x34
  • Jeans Size 46x34
  • Jeans Size 48x34
  • Jeans Size 50x34

TALL JEANS collection feature the following jeans sizes:

  • Jeans Size 31x38
  • Jeans Size 32x38
  • Jeans Size 33x38
  • Jeans Size 34x38
  • Jeans Size 35x38
  • Jeans Size 36x38
  • Jeans Size 38x38
  • Jeans Size 40x38
  • Jeans Size 42x38