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Crotch Fading / Blowout

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As any raw denim enthusiast knows, crotch blowout is a part of the process that can not be avoided. With the day to day wear the amount of tension and rubbing in the crotch area is very high. Wrong care also adds on to the wear off process. Complete crotch blowout that lead up to holes in crotch depend on body shape, how high or low jeans are worn and thickness of fabric (lighter weight denim may blowout faster than heavy).

However it’s not something that can not be fixed. In this post we show the process of blowout crotch repair.

First, the process starts with a pair of jeans with a blown-out crotch.

Faded and aged raw denim jeans with blown-out crotch

Interfacing and lightweight denim or fabric is used to fill the holes.

cblow-out repair tools and materials

We fuse the edges of the fabric for comfort and smooth sewing.

inside view of crotch blow-out in repair

Fusing used in crotch blow-out to smooth edges

The holes are shown filled with denim before sewing begins.

denim fills holes of blow-out denim jeans crotch

Sewing begins.

Jean with crotch blow-up in repair

Photo shows crotch blow-out repaired.

Jeans with crotch blow-out repaired

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