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Big Mens Jeans

Big Men's denim jeans made in the USA

Here, you'll find larger waist sizes of our American made jeans for Big Men. True premium, high quality raw denim, selvage and stonewashed jeans for big guys size 40 plus. Standard inseams are in this section which are labeled as 34 inches usually actually measure between 35 and 36 inches. For longer inseams in sizes 40 and 42, see the Tall Men's section. Tall jeans inseams listed at 38 or 40, actually measure about 2 inches longer. 

We also offer HEMMING ALTERATION to customize your inseam length for those who need jeans shorter then our standard 34" measurement.

Big and Tall Jeans measurements charts

Need more information about how our jeans measure-up. Check out our Big Men's Jeans Fit Guide for waist sizes 40 to 50. Or, select your waist size below to review our measurement charts.

size 40 big mens raw denim jeans made in the USA

In the spring 2014 we launched Custom-Made-To-Order sizes because we believed there are big men who wear jean sizes 40 and larger that wanted truely high quality designer denim in modern slim and straight leg fits. After finding there was a significant demand for American made, true better quality denim in mens plus sizes, we moved from the Made-To-Order program to elimate the long wait times and made the big mens extended size range a standard in our collection.

While most better denim companies size ranges usually end at size 38, we are commented to produce many of our denim jeans and pants styles up to size 48. Our goal is to always have the Big Men's sizes in stock, however, like many of our styles, they sell faster then the volume we can afford to produce. Pre-ordering is offered once a style is within about 45 days from finished production. Pre-ordering is the best way to make sure your size will be produced in the next production.

We are commented to be the world's best denim brand, constantly improving our denim products and listening to customers needs. We are still a small brand in a world of denim dominated by big denim brands but we use our size to our advantage. As a one-man brand, the designer responds to each and every customer inquiry and is able to make changes and respond quickly when needed. We believe there is no other brand on the planet producing the volume of jeans we produce or more, where the brands designer knows and communicates with customers on the same level.

We know it’s just a matter of time and exposure before we go from believing we’re going to be the world’s best denim brand and Williamsburg Garment Company actually becoming the world’s best denim brand. Since 2013, all products made in the USA at fair, well-reasoned prices.


We have a clear, focused vision: To be the world’s favorite American Denim Brand