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American Denim Brand made in the USA 

Williamsburg Garment Company is an American denim brand that produces denim jeans in the United States of America. The simple goal is to produce the highest quality jeans made in the USA, for sell at reasonable prices. We construct top quality American made jeans that sell from $124 to $164 (standard sizes), which can go head-to-head with any jeans, at any price.

Inspired by President Barack Obama's call to bring more business back to the USA, in the Spring of 2013 we launched the Hope Street jeans, the brands first made in USA jeans. The Hope Street Jeans were so successful with a retail price only slightly higher than the Chinese produced jeans we offered and far below most other American made jeans, we decided to move all production to the USA shortly thereafter. Since 2014, we have grown to be recognized as a high quality producer of American made jeans at attractive prices.

Look inside a pair of WGC jeans and then look inside other higher priced jeans. What you’ll find is Williamsburg jeans use the best sewing techniques in the construction of its products: Lap seams at the seat and inseams; chain stitching at waistband, hem, out-seams and lap seams, sewn using mainly high quality American made denim from Cone Denim Mills, America’s oldest and most recognized producer of denim.


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