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Amidst the renaissance of Made in America

A clear, focused vision:

To be the world’s favorite American Denim Brand


Based in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY - showing serious pride for the neighborhood the designer has lived and worked in for nearly 20 years, all styles are named after Streets located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The jeans are designed, warehoused and shipped from Brooklyn and are produced mainly with Cone Mills Denim from North Carolina. A few speciaty styles are produced with Japanese Denim. All styles start out in Brooklyn with cutting and sorting of the parts that go into the jeans production, then they are shipped to Los Angeles, California for sewing and washing when required.


High Quality, American Made, unbranded jeans at very favorable prices

Look inside a pair of WGC jeans, and then look inside any pair of higher priced jeans. What you’ll find is WGC jeans use the best possible sewing techniques in the construction of its products. Lap Seams at the seat and inseams. Chain Stitching at waistband, hem, out-seams and Lap Seams. Sewn using high quality American made denim from America’s oldest and most famous producer of denim.


American Gray raw denim jeans made in USA 

The Story



I started WGC in October 2009, initially for a line of tailored men’s designer clothing under the brand name “Fat Mattresses &nd Golden Underwear.” After years of designing and planning, I realized the cost of developing a designer collection, especially during a bad economy, was far greater and more risky than starting a denim brand. Besides, I had already established a great reputation in denim.

In May 2011, I started work on WGC, the denim brand, investing about $6,000 from the start of development to shipping product to the first customers, November 28, 2011. Working with limited capital, I had to be savvy with my expenses. I came up with a streamlined business model that offered good reasons for both retailers and consumers to buy a new, unknown brand without a marketing budget in the competitive denim market.

I took Apple’s motto to heart and “Thought Different,” coming up with a formula for success that no one had tried before. Starting with design, taking from my experience as a consumer, I created a product that didn’t give the buyer a reason to say no: 

  • In design, I recalled how things such as loud or bad washes turned me off from buying.
  • There were also times a jean had too much branding or decorative stitching, had a bad fit or was cheaply made.
  • When I did find a good jean, usually the price was too high.

These experiences helped me design a clean and simple jean that I felt, does not give the consumer a reason to say no. In place of traditional outer labels, patches and stitch branding, I branded WGC with a unique coin pocket, highlighted quality details and branding on the inside.

I realized most brands spent a lot of effort and money marketing the same lifestyles or trying to look large and well funded. Understanding many start-ups spend their way out of business, I decided to take a different approach. I turned my weaknesses into strengths. Instead of trying to look big to compete with the big brands, I touted being small and came up with the brands slogan “Small Time Operation, Cash Only to Trade.”

This meant serving my customers with an “old fashioned candy store”-type of personal service. Instead of producing expensive advertising campaigns with models that drive up cost and affect the selling price, I took the cheaper, more effective route of marketing the product, which only cost my time.

Inspired by President Obama's call to bring more business back to the USA, in the Spring of 2013 I launched the Hope Street jeans, the brands first Made in USA jeans. The Hope Street Jeans were so successful with a retail price only slightly higher than the China made jeans and far less then other quality made in the USA jeans, I decided to make all my clothing in the USA shortly after.

Since 2014, the WGC brand has grown to be known as a high quality producer of American Made jeans with a great retail price. Producing jeans using the same American Made Denim as our competitors, but sold at far more attractive prices.


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